Learn N Earn
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control or change my hourly rate? 

Unfortunately, the hourly rate is prepopulated and can't be changed. However, you can offer the extras at any price you want. 

Can I create gigs in different categories? 

Of course, you can create gigs in any area of expertise.

What if I am busy and can no longer teach? 

You can simply pause your gigs.

I browsed the gigs but couldn't find the course I am looking for? 

Post a request for a better chance to find the right tutor. 

Can I start a session immediately? 

Yes, if the tutor is online and available. 

Can I continue my course outside of the Lean N Earn platform? 

We don't recommend taking the course out of the Learn N Earn platform as you will lose the service and performance guarantees provided by the company. Also, you will lost he affordability of the gigs if you are a learner or the flow of students if you are a tutor. 

Can I pay by bank transfer? 

You can only pay by card, via Stripe or Paypal. 

What if we finished the session before completing a full hour? 

It is still counted as a complete session

What if the learner didn't turn up? 

The tutor will still get paid for the session. 

What if the tutor didn't turn up? 

The learner will be refunded and a negative review can be posted about the tutor. 

What if , as a learner, I didn't benefit from the session? 

You can post a negative review about the tutor. 

What if I want support for a few hours? 

You can choose the premium package or re-purchase the gig. 

How a star rating is worked out? 

The website admin gives all tutor gigs a star rating between 0 & 5 and a score between 0 & 100 upon gig creation. The rating and score are based on the profile strength and gig's quality, and are shown on the gig's block. The star rating may automatically change over time the more users/students review the tutor while the score will increase by one with every new gig review.