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How It Works

The future of consultation and coaching

How it works 

 If you are looking for consultation, personalised coaching or feedback you can browse the available gigs within the category of your interest or simply use the search feature. Also, you can post a request in the case you can’t find what you are looking for. If you are good at teaching something or giving advice in an area of expertise, you can create a gig, enter your availability and follow the prompts. Sessions are run via video conference and credit is reflected automatically in your account. You can withdraw or add funds at any time. A commission of 10% is charged from both the tutor and the learner. 

Tutoring hints:

Involve the candidate through interactive tutoring as much as you can. Always give feedback, mention the positive before the negative. Let them know how they are progressing and how far they can go. Give them hope and let them believe in it. Give knowledge in chunks, and try to cover as much content as you can so that they find value in your coaching.

Learning hints: 

Tell the tutor your expectations and give feedback as to how you want the session run. The majority of tutors will welcome your input and will do their best to meet your expectations. Rely on coaching for better results. Don’t just guess how to handle your life challenges when you can benefit from the knowledge of experts.